Big Earth HD 3.3.0 update

Another big update Earth HD Deluxe this year (3.3.0) has arrived! And to celebrate this, we're making a huge sale for Solar System HD - 50% OFF only for a couple of days!

New Earth HD features:

  • Much better Earth lightning and bump-mapping
  • Space V-II research station gains better materials.
  • Space V station reimagined
  • Lots of performance improvements

Solar System HD SALE:

Earth HD 3.2.0 and Deep Galaxies HD SALE!

Biggest update for Earth HD Deluxe this year (3.2.0): - New Hi-Tech Space V-II research station added. - Moon added - Lots of performance improvements - Fixed screen blinking on start

And to celebrate this we're making a small sale for Deep Galaxies HD - 40% OFF only for a couple of days!

Big interstellar update 3.1.6

New LWPsBig interstellar update is out! Solar System HD, Earth HD and Deep Galaxies HD are receiving lots of bugfixes. Earth HD (Free and Deluxe editions) also getting improved orbital camera!

Big complex update for all live wallpapers is here (version 3.1.0)

All our live wallpapers are receiveing a big stability update.

  • Lots of fixed bugs
  • Speed improvements.
  • Solar System HD received gyroscope status display.

Plans for the next months

Lots of big updates for all Mozg Labs's apps are coming to the Google Play. Adding gyroscope support for Earth HD Deluxe and Snow HD Deluxe. Plus there will be more themes and planets for Solar System HD Deluxe and Solar System HD Free.